Team credits:

Photography: Evgeny Popov @evgeny_photography

Video: Ian Barling @ianbarling

Makeup: Tatyana Kharkova


Hair stylist: Erin Herschleb


Stylist: Stefaniya Chekalina @chekalinastefania

Stylist’s assistants: Cass Hamoui, Natasha Darmandrail Prop stylist: Alice Martinelli


Prop car: Andrew Tyson @skilset

Retoucher: Tatyana Chebotareva @bbc_postproduction


Sylke Golding @zylkatees Semaje Bligg @semvje

About the project

What’s your biggest fear? Failure?

The only thing to be afraid of in life is not experiencing everything in the time you’re given.

There’s always more knowledge, more experience, more people; always something deeper to what we see which could be necessary for molding us into what we will be because the more you don’t see the more the lesson repeats. The world comes to us as we see it, but when we only use our eyes we are often deceived. The outer layer gives the least transparency; except through the eye is where you see . The eyes don’t age, but the perspectives evolves.

From the outside looking in how could one know it all? Isn’t that the most frightening thing, not knowing…

not knowing what tomorrow holds, not knowing if your energy will be reciprocated, not knowing if you’re making the right decision in taking the risk. That’s why you must know yourself

That’s why you must know your worth

That’s why you must give without expecting to receive while taking everything as a grain of salt instead of holding your breath dwelling on the past occurrences. Only a fool trips on what’s behind them.

We all can fly, and we all can fall.

When the wind doesn’t lift your wings I’m as far as one call. Planted the seed to watch it grow but watched it withered in the snow, am I going to sit here and wallow? Or tell myself “let’s go” because now I have more info.

Before you ask why open your eyes…

After you realize don’t surmise.

When you finalize, cross your T’s and Dot your I’s

Now, enjoy the ride…

Semaje Bligg