About the project

These photographs were taken in Orlando, Florida at the Sunburst Convention of Celebrity Impersonators. The annual event was created and is still run by a family of tribute artists. Husband, wife and daughter work together every year to organize the event intended to promote the tribute industry. Impersonators gather for a weekend near Disneyland to network and perform for each other and talent buyers. The experience is surreal and earnest. This year the convention took place the weekend before Hurricane Dorian was expected to make landfall in central Florida. The mood was subdued but energizing at the same time, with only the most dedicated impersonators willing to travel into what could become the eye of the hurricane for the event. I mostly photographed the impersonators in the audience or in the long hallway that connects the various rooms that make up the convention center within the Florida Mall. I came by frosted windows that diffused the weird Florida light so well I felt like I could recreate, or at least nod to, the affect of Old Hollywood glamor shots as I photographed three Marilyn Monroe’s standing in front of the signs leading to the restroom down the hall.


Rosa Polin

Rosa Polin is a New York based photographer. She graduated from Bard College in Spring 2016.